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Non-Profits have special challenges.  One of 


proving their models effectivness
financial and impact modeling

Of course, this means taking into account your budget and capacity in addition to your data strategy.  That much is obvious.  What is less so is the need to consider your organization's data sophistication.


For example, makes no sense to invest in a fancy analytics suite if you have very poor data quality.  Perhaps it would be better to spend resources on enhancing your data capture mechanisms in that situation.


Direct Implementation​

We partner with you to help plug any gaps in your capacity.  From low level database server management to creating enterprise data models, we handle all aspects of your data pipeline

  • Master Data Management/Data Quality tools

  • ETL and Data Integration

  • Data Warehouse and Data Lakes

  • Visualization and Analytics stacks

  • Performance and Business metric dashboards

Vendor Management

In addition to providing direct services we can also assist in managing your external vendors or clients

  • Data RFP/Proposal writing

  • Vendor selection

  • Project management

  • Operations management

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