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Where are you now?

You suspect that you need to do something with your data.  But where to begin?   Start with establishing your baseline situation.

A Data Quality assessment will help you determine how much you can trust your current data:  

  • Is it consistent?  Do you get the same measure for the same parameters?

  • Is it accurate?  How well do your metrics reflect reality?

  • Is it relevant:?  Are you measuring the right thing? 

A Data Systems inventory will identify the data touchpoints in your organization.  

  • Where is data being tracked?

  • How is data flowing from point of entry to point of reporting?

  • How many systems do you have tracking key business data?  Do you have a single version of the truth?

A Data Management assessment will take a look at your data structures, data models, and data governance 

  • Is there a standard set of unique identifiers that are consistently used?

  • How is bad data identified and corrected?

  • How are new data models put in place or existing ones adjusted?

  • Does your staff understand what "good data" means and why they should care about it?

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